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Our Valorant team finder will help you find exactly what you need by letting you select the agents, modes and even servers you are willing to play in, Meet new people and make new friends with the team finder.

Our 2022 Roadmap

As we strive to continually improve your experience and provide our users with a competitive advantage, there are several features we plan to add as we progress through the beta phase.

  • Tournament page – Will include features to create, sign up, and filter by brackets
  • Competitions – Bring the community together to host and stream competitions on our Twitch channel and Youtube
  • Coaching – Utilizing our talented pool of players to help each other rise and rank up

Have a feature you think would make a great addition to the platform? Contact us!

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About us

RiftQ is a dedicated website that helps people find players faster and easier by providing the easiest options available for the users to choose between, RiftQ founded the Valorant EU server in 2020 right after announcing the Valorant Beta version, Today our server houses over 60000 players and serves as a community to bring players together and keep them connected to both each other and to the game. Our goal is to help people find the right players and to spend less time searching for what they need.