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verified local_fire_department self_improvement mood
just an adc looking for a support to duo. also down for some norms or arams! previously plat in season 8 and 9, currently silver 1. tilt-proof, positive, and always playing to win. can voice chat
playing on bot
Playing as vayne
Playing as jhin
Playing as lucian
looking for support
9 hours ago
Hazy Luna..#0013
verified local_fire_department self_improvement mood
Silver (Provisionals) (Gold Season 10), prefer someone that won't mind playing calmly & chill. I can Support or ADC. My playstyle is aggressive. Please DM Me before adding me. Mic or not, it's OK!
playing on support
playing on fill
Playing as ezreal
Playing as lulu
Playing as pyke
looking for fill
1 day ago

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